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Your Privacy is held in the highest regard by Society of Mode llc.  We will never distribute any of the information provided by you in any way to public access, third parties, or media of any kind.

All personal information provided by you is strictly for internal use only.  We will only inform you of upcoming events and releases

if you have actively registered with us via 'Subscribe' or registered an 'Account' for this purpose, you may choose to unsubscribe or delete your account at any time.

In return, we would like to notify you that all Trademarks, Company Graphics, Design, Images, Text, and Works shown are strictly the Sole Copyright of Society of Mode llc.  They are not to be copied or shared by digital, social media, or other means, except with written permission upon a submitted request.  All communication you receive from us is strictly for your personal use only.

Society of Mode ® is a U.S and Internationally registered Trademark.

Sincerely, Society of Mode.

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